Important Details You Need to Know about Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty Metairie, LA

Cosmetic surgeons have been performing rhinoplasty procedures for many decades. As such, the general public has a relatively good idea of what is possible with a customized nose job. While the final outcome – and the training of your chosen doctor – is immediately important, there is also value in knowing the finer points about getting a refined nose. Here’s what we’d like you to know:

  1. There is some degree of imperfection to every nose. Perfection is not possible with rhinoplasty because, well, there is no such thing as a perfect nose. Even the celebrities and models we love to admire have slight imperfections. After rhinoplasty, your nose may be straighter, smaller, or smoother; but it will not be the absolute picture of perfection. Chances are, though, that you’ll still love the outcome!
  2. You’ll have to ditch the glasses for a while. Part of the nose that needs to recover after rhinoplasty is the bridge. That means no pressure, even that of necessary eyeglasses, can be placed on the nose. Some patients tape their glasses to their forehead in order to prevent contact. It may also be possible, or necessary, to place a nasal splint to support glasses for the first six weeks post-op.
  3. Surgery and recovery don’t necessarily mean pain. Every person is different and pain is a subjective sensation. However, a large number of patients report feeling no pain as they go through their healing process after rhinoplasty.
  4. Your nose will look like it’s in pain, though. The appearance of the nose after rhinoplasty is far worse than the amount of pain you may feel. This can be one of the greatest challenges. While bruising gradually decreases over 10 to 14 days, swelling is slower to subside. Patients are advised to prepare themselves for a long-haul when it comes to seeing the final results from surgery (it can take up to 18 months).
  5. You may not only look different, but sound different, too. If you’re a certain age, you may know who Barbara Streisand is. It has been said that this famous singer decided against rhinoplasty long ago when she was told her voice may change. Now, Ms. Streisand makes millions on that voice, so this is a crucial point for her. It may not be for you. Also, the change in voice, if it does occur, is usually very subtle and short-lived.

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