Browplasty: Brow Lift in Metairie, LA

Smooth sagging eyes with a brow lift in Metairie

What is a brow lift?

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A brow lift, otherwise known as a upper facelift, forehead lift, or browplasty is a procedure that is used to correct any sagging in the forehead, upper eyelids, or eyebrows. Usually this type of facial cosmetic surgery is done during the same time a patient undergoes a facelift or form of rhinoplasty, however, the surgery can also be done as a standalone procedure.
There are a few reasons that patients choose to undergo a brow lift. Many ages of people, including even those who are in their thirties, begin to show wrinkling across their forehead, frown lines, and the look of a heavier upper eye and eyebrow. Such sagging facial traits often have had patients feel that they look sad, tired, or angry, when in fact; they usually are feeling quite the opposite. Another reason that patients elect to have this procedure done is because the excess skin or fatty tissue begins to droop over their eyes, causing problems with their total vision.

How is the brow lift performed?

There are two main brow lift techniques for your forehead and eyebrow areas. These are the classic lift and the endoscopic lift. The difference between the two is the type of cuts that are made: the classic is a continuous cut beginning around the level of your ears and going up around your hairline. The endoscopic lift has the surgeon making a smaller amount of shorter cuts into the scalp, using small anchors to secure tissue. A scope is then inserted into one cut another device is inserted into the other cut to make any changes. Endoscopic lifts are considered less invasive than classic lifts and have minimal scarring, including a shorter amount of time needed for recovery. Most patients choose to go the endoscopic route, but for those patients that have excessive drooping in the brows and forehead usually require the classic lift approach.

How should I prepare for a brow lift?

Pre-surgery suggestions may include trimming the hair so that it doesn’t get in the way of the procedure, but it is best to speak to the surgeon to cover all of the details of what should and should not be done.

How long does the surgery last?

The lift usually takes about 1 to 2 hours and is treated with a level IV sedation or twilight anesthesia. Patients are not expected to stay overnight, but it is imperative that they have someone who can drive them home. Post-surgery swelling and bruising lasts 10-12 days and could include other areas of the face. It is suggested that patients keep their head elevated and use a cold compress to help reduce any swelling.

What should I expect post surgery?

Depending on which brow lift procedure the patient undergoes, stitches and/or staples are removed a week after.

There are cases of patients experiencing numbness, tingling, or itchy sensations, but those should ease over time. Classic lift patients may experience a longer time of numbness.

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