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Craniosynostosis happens with one of the sutures in an infant’s skull prematurely fuses and hardens (through ossification) thus changing how the skull continues to grow. Just like a puzzle, the skull is made of bones that fit together with the joints between the bones usually remaining open and loose during beginning development so that the brain can grow and expand. With craniosynostosis, because of the fused sutures, the growing brain receives increased pressure, which can cause headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

A lot of babies can have slightly deformed heads, so it’s important to discuss with a doctor should something seem amiss. Craniosynostosis can occur in any newborn infant, but usually where there has been a prior family case of it. However, it can also affect newborns without any history as well. There are several factors as to why it affects certain newborns, such as a genetic mutation or an abnormality. There are a few different types of craniosynostosis: right coronal, left coronal, metopic, sagittal, lambdoid, and multiple fused sutures.

Some of the characteristics of it include an abnormal head shape, facial asymmetry, a small or absent soft spot, bulging or recession of the eyes, and a wider skull.

Regardless of how or what happened, surgery to treat it is typically required. This surgery is known as cranial vault remodeling and reconstruction. The name implies exactly what the surgery is for. The doctor will remodel or reshape the bones of the patient by expanding the space in order to allow the brain to continue its growth. They will also make sure that the patient has a more natural shape of skull through this procedure. Through this the doctor hopes to relieve the pressure on the brain and create a more natural look, and improve the patient’s appearance.

Most infant patients will have the procedure around their one-year-old mark, unless there seems to be increased intracranial pressure. At that point, the surgery will be performed sooner, which entails an endoscopic procedure that is usually done before the child is six months of age. Continuing surgeries may be needed and extensive follow up to ensure there isn’t increased pressure on the brain and that everything is growing normally.

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