Does Changing your Appearance Change YOU?

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face lift When you use your credit card, you must provide a signature to prove your identity. Have you noticed that, over the years, your signature has changed? It’s still yours and yours alone, but it has evolved as you have, even if only slightly. Your face could also be described as a form of signature. It has the same overall shape now that it did when you were decades younger. However, time may have made its move on your skin and underlying tissues. There is no way to avoid this forever, no matter how fancy your skin cream. Ultimately, many people decide to address the issues of aging with facial plastic surgery.

The 2mm Difference

Facial plastic surgery has, over time, become perceived as a dramatic method of refreshing the face. In fact, many people think that it does a lot more than refresh, it alters. True, if you look at some individuals who take their penchant for change a little too far, you would believe that a procedure like an eyelid or facelift would make you appear unlike yourself.

Patients of New Orleans area plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. James do not fall into that trap. Many of the recent facial surgeries conducted today to tighten the skin and underlying tissue only a small amount. We could call this the 2mm difference. What happens when we lift the eyes is they open up without looking surprised. When the mid face is lifted, the jawline appears tighter and more defined. Ultimately, what this does is bring out the best in you.

Time has a way of creating change. When it comes to appearance, many of the men and women we consult with explaining it like this: “I want to look in the mirror and see the person I feel like.”

Aging does not change who you are. In the same way, facial cosmetic surgery (or non-surgical facial rejuvenation) does not alter who you are. However, many of the patients we have treated stand a little taller. They sit up a little straighter and smile a bit more freely. Why? Because their outward appearance matches the person they feel like.

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