Fillers or Facelift?

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Facial agingFacial aging is a common concern among the men and women who visit our Metairie Cleft & Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center. It used to be that lax, loose skin would either stay where it was (until it sagged further), or it would be lifted and tightened through the facelift procedure. Today, there are a lot more questions about facial rejuvenation with non-surgical treatments like Botox and fillers. With all the talk of the “liquid facelift,” you may believe that injectables can accomplish your desired outcome. This may not be the case.

Common Uses for Injectables

Initially, the injectable wrinkle-reducer that became famous was Botox. More than a decade after this product hit the U.S. market, its popularity continues to rise. This could be because of the convenience of care. It may also have something to do with the fact that Botox not only lessens wrinkles around the eyes, but can raise the drooping brow, too.

Complementary to Botox treatments, we see dermal fillers. These products are all about adding volume. They are commonly used to plump deflated lips, add definition to the jaw line, and to minimize under eye bags. Fillers are also often used to create more roundness through the cheek area.

The capabilities of injectable products can be misleading. Though effective, they are not always a suitable alternative to facelift surgery.

The Value of Knowing Limitations

Here’s an interesting point about fillers (and Botox) as a facelift alternative: people find it appealing because they think the results of a facelift will look fake. On the contrary, this facial rejuvenation procedure is performed to take years off the face by perfecting the tightness of the skin, not be over-tightening. In many cases, the surgical lift is complemented by volume restoration with fat grafting or fillers. Too much filler product beneath the skin could create the exact thing patients fear – a fake appearance. This is because filler could make the tissue just beneath the skin look stiff. Too much product could also cause abnormal contouring.

Dr. James is an experienced facial plastic surgeon. He is also well-versed in the use of dermal fillers and Botox. His training makes him a wonderful resource for patients on the fence about which type of facial rejuvenation is right for them. To learn more, call (504) 378-2030.

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