Rejuvenation! What about Prejuvenation?

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Dermal Fillers Metairie, LA We talk so much about managing the aging process after concerns arise about lines, wrinkles, and other problems. What if we changed the way we look at anti-aging? What if, instead of chasing wrinkles from the face, we started earlier with the various treatments that foster soft, tight skin? This is exactly what is beginning to happen. The new trend is sometimes referred to as prejuvenation, and we think it’s nothing short of fabulous.

Are there steps you could be taking now to enjoy smoother skin 10 years from now? You bet! Here are a few of the recommended treatments to maintain younger-looking skin.

  1. Chemical peels. Chemical peels are nothing new. Dermatologists and estheticians have been performing these deeply exfoliating treatments for years. One of the most valuable aspects of chemical peel treatment is the way that each process can be customized for unique patient need. If you are taking a preventive approach, light chemical peels every few months may be appropriate. More advanced signs of aging, including sun spots and loss of elasticity, may need deeper peels once or twice a year to achieve improvement.
  2. Cheek augmentation. It isn’t necessary to undergo facial plastic surgery to get fuller, younger-looking cheeks. Dermal fillers such as Juvederm have made it much easier to work against the natural loss of volume in the mid face. Rounding out the cheeks has an immediate, positive effect on the mid face, and it also gently lifts tissue to reduce sagging across the jaw line.
  3. Keeping wrinkles at bay. Younger adults have come to realize that there is a great deal of value in wrinkle treatment beforewrinkles appear. Now, Botox treatments are beginning at the very first indication of crows’ feet or frown lines.  As a result of gentle muscle relaxation earlier, before lines are etched on the face, the appearance of youth is easier to maintain through the years.

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