Let’s Look At The Lower Face

Dermal Filler Metairie! LAOf the various changes that affect the landscape of the face, a sagging jaw line is not one that we tend to expect. Jowls are a progressive problem that develops discreetly over several years until, one day, these small pockets of skin and fat become inescapable. If you look at pictures of yourself from 10 years ago and you cannot ignore the loss of your crisp jawline, it may be time to do something about this problem.

Sagging Jowls: What Happened?

What is interesting about jowls is that these bags of tissue look like something new; something has been acquired. Contrary to how it may seem, you did not gain weight across the bottom of your face. The reason that jowls develop is that fat pads and structure across the cheeks diminish with age. That volume doesn’t just disappear. It goes somewhere. That somewhere is your jaw line.

Toning up with Facial Exercises

There is no shortage of information about jowls and what to do about them. People who search online for answers may be led to believe that they can resolve this aesthetic concern with the right facial exercises. If the original cause of sagging jowls was muscle laxity, facial exercises might actually work. But jowls are not a muscle issue; they are a fat problem.

Finding the Right Solution

There is more than one solution to the issue of jowls. When treated early, the facial volume can be preserved or restored with dermal fillers. Soft tissue fillers are formulated with appropriate ingredients for volumizing. One of the top-performing products, Juvederm, is composed of hyaluronic acid in a gel base. This acid is a sugar compound that the body naturally makes, but not in sufficient quantities to prevent facial aging. When introduced into the mid-face area, the hyaluronic acid will add structure in the form of water. That’s right! The tiny molecules draw in and bind to water, plumping the cheeks for months at a time.

In some cases, a volume is best accentuated with a combination of surgical facial lifting and filling with injectables. The surgical facelift restores the proper draping of superficial tissue and muscle across the cheekbones for greater projection. This procedure also tightens the skin just enough to restore the right degree of youthfulness.

When you see that jowls are a consequence of volume loss, you are better equipped to restore the angles along your jaw line. To see how dermal fillers or facelift surgery can help you feel your best, schedule a visit to our Metairie office.

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