There’s More to Cosmetic Surgery than Meets the Eye

Cosmetic ProceduresIf there is someone in your life who has had cosmetic surgery, you might notice that they tend to have a smile on their face. Maybe they carry themselves with more confidence than they did prior to their treatment. According to research, there really may be a certain increase in overall happiness after positive changes are made to physical appearance. This is as true for the man or woman who has a neck lift to do away with their double-chin as it is for the child whose cleft lip is repaired at a young age. It would make sense that physical improvements would improve quality of life, and the research backs this claim – with a few important points of consideration . .

How the Science Stacks Up
Two groups of people completed questionnaires in a study performed at the Ruhr Universit├Ąt in Basel. One category of participants were those who had not had cosmetic surgery, and the other category of participants had all had cosmetic surgery. According to their self-reporting, participants of the study tended to feel:

  • Confident and self-assured.
  • Healthy and attractive.
  • More attuned to their body.
  • Decreased sensations of depression and anxiety.

Naturally, we can feel better overall when we feel good about our appearance. Self-image is intrinsically tied to how we look. However, there were important points discovered in the Ruhr study that need to be considered by any person contemplating changing an aspect of their appearance. What scientists found was that the people who already had a good sense of self, who viewed their cosmetic procedure as an improvement, not a correction, were the participants who reported the greatest amount of satisfaction with their outcome.

Expectations for Recover
Expectations for outcome were one matter; expectations for recovery were another. The most satisfied patients understood that they would not be back to work, back to the gym, or back to their active lifestyle right away after surgery. They committed to their own recovery process, and to the post-operative instructions provided by their surgeon.

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