Is it Time for a Lift?

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faceliftThere are certain changes that we expect as we grow older. If we are fortunate, we will gain wisdom and insight. We will achieve our professional and personal goals, at least some of them. Also, maybe we can make these gains without taking on too many wrinkles or other cosmetic concerns. Who are we kidding? Facial aging is going to happen to all of us, no matter how much we wish otherwise. The question is not what can we do about problems like sagging jowls, drooping brows, and worry lines. The big question is “When?.” Here is where the confusion may begin.

Timing is Everything, or is it?
For people who are considering the facelift procedure, timing could be a point of contention. We all know that a facelift can turn back the clock on beauty, but that it doesn’t halt the aging process. Does this mean that you could be too young for this method of rejuvenation. How about too old? Why refresh your face if you are, say, older than 65 or 70? The answer is that age has very little to do with your decision to have a facelift – nor should it.

The matter of being “too old” for a facelift was recently studied by researchers at Cleveland Clinic, who observed over 200 women obtaining facelift surgery. 68 of these patients were over the age of 65, and what researchers concluded is that these patients had no more risk than their younger counterparts. Reassuring, indeed.

It’s not about Age
Clearly, facial aging is not really about your biological age. There are several factors that affect the changes to the skin and tissues on the face, including stress, genetics, and sun damage. These are the factors that matter, and each affects every one of us differently. Another factor that we consider today is what a person has done to rejuvenate facial contouring. With the various uses of fillers and Botox, many are able to postpone surgical lifting for years.

If heavy eyelids, a downturned mouth, and sagging at your jaw line is concerning, it is keeping you from feeling the confidence you deserve. Facelift surgery may be an ideal solution. The only way to know for sure is to schedule a consultation with your trusted plastic surgeon. For your visit with Dr. James, call (504) 378-2030.

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