Aging Neck? You Might Blame your Smartphone!

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anti-aging treatment We seem to be living in an era of endless innovation. We no longer have to spend hours cooking food thanks to the microwave or convection oven. The mailman isn’t run ragged anymore because we now email or text to stay in touch, rather than send letters. And we are virtually never at a loss for entertainment, because most of us are always within arm’s reach of our Smartphone or other favorite technological device. Could there possibly be a downside to all this wonderful technology? According to recent findings, there just might be, and you may be surprised at what it is.

According to recent discussion circulating on the internet, it is thought that the posture we hold to look at our phone or other device could actually be causing premature aging of the skin on the neck. There is even a name for it: “tech-neck.” More and more, we see people bringing up concerns like a double chin, loose, thin skin, and lines on the neck.

Are you starting to notice any of these concerns? Here’s what you can do about them!
When you know that your posture could be putting you at risk for premature aging (as well as chronic head and neck pain!), you can take steps to correct the original problem. When it comes to using technology, this problem is the fact that we look down for long periods of time. Becoming mindful of the angle of your head while using technology will alert you when you need to “chin up,” literally!

Regardless of your use of technology, the skin on your face and neck could always benefit from a little TLC. The more you use your Smartphone and other devices, and the more you look down rather than straight ahead, the more pampering your skin may need.

  • Botox is a common treatment for platysmal lines, which develop due to chronic use of the plastysma muscle.
  • Dermal fillers plump lines with an influx of water molecules, which are drawn to the hyaluronic acid in such products. The benefit of this treatment is that lines are immediately diminished.
  • Sometimes, neck lift surgery is the ideal approach to rejuvenate the neck and chin area.

Contact the Cleft &Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center in Metairie to discover the best anti-aging treatment for you.

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