How To Prevent And Treat Scars

Scars can distract from your overall appearance and reduce your self-confidence, but there are a number of things you can do to protect your skin from scars. Here’s what you should know.

scar treatmentPreventing Acne Scars
While acne can be embarrassing during breakouts, it can also permanently damage your skin. The following tips can help you prevent acne from causing scars:

  • Never pop your zits. It ruptures the skin and spreads infection.
  • Wear sunscreen and hats to protect the skin on your face.
  • Contact a dermatologist for help if you have severe acne. Often, there are medications or other treatments that can reduce acne and prevent scarring caused by breakouts.

Minimizing Surgical Scars
In most cases, if an incision is made in your skin, it will leave some sort of scar, but there are many things you can do to reduce the appearance of the scar and help the incision heal as nicely as possible. If you undergo a cosmetic procedure, your doctor will do what is possible to make the incisions in an inconspicuous place, but you should always follow the advice given by your doctor when healing after a procedure. In addition to following your doctor’s instructions, these tips can help incisions heal well and minimize scarring:

  • Make sure the wound or incision is always completely clean.
  • Ask about stitches when appropriate. Getting stitches shortly after the cut is made can often significantly reduce the size or the scar.
  • Keep the skin in the area moist. Once you’ve made sure everything is completely clean, using an ointment or petroleum jelly and a bandage can help protect the skin and aid the healing process.

Treating Scars
While you can take steps to prevent and reduce scarring, sometimes you will end up with scars that you don’t like. If this is the case, there are treatments that can reduce the appearance of scars. Some options include:

  • Silicone gel sheets: These work kind of like bandages and they help to keep the skin moist and reduce the size and appearance of scars.
  • Over the counter creams: As your dermatologist for a recommendation when choosing a treatment to make sure it will be effective.
  • Laser skin resurfacing: This treatment can remove older skin and promote the growth of healthier new skin. This often reduces the appearances of scars and blemishes.

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