Avoid These Common Beauty Mistakes

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Are you making beauty mistakes that make you look older, heavier, or sleepier? Keep reading to learn about common mistakes that can prevent you from looking your best.

Wearing Too Much Makeup
Cosmetic ProceduresMakeup can even out your skin tone and help you highlight your favorite features, but too much makeup can be counterproductive. Wearing too much foundation, in particular, can make you look older because the excess powder settles in the fine lines and wrinkles of your face, which makes them more prominent.

Other makeup mistakes that can be counter productive include:

  • Curling your eyelashes after applying mascara. This can easily lead to eyelashes that get stuck on the curler and then they get pulled out in clumps.
  • Applying foundation immediately after applying moisturizer. You need to wait a minute or two so that the foundation doesn’t mix in with the moisturizer and result in uneven coverage.
  • Leaving your makeup on while you sleep. This can lead to acne and other infections that can harm your skin.

Poor Posture
Slouching makes you look tired and heavy. Check your posture and make sure that your back is straight, your chin is up, and your shoulders are relaxed.

Using Too Much Conditioner
Conditioner can smooth out your hair and keep it from getting frizzy, but using too much conditioner leaves your hair heavy and greasy. In most cases if you start applying conditioner below your ears and to the ends of your hair, it will be plenty.

Neglecting Your Neck
Don’t forget to pay attention to your neck when applying makeup, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Neglecting your neck while applying makeup can leave you with uneven skin tone and a face that doesn’t match your neck. Forgetting to apply moisturizer and sunscreen to your neck can result in your neck aging faster than your face. In most cases, if you apply something to your face, it should also go on your neck

Skipping Sleep
Sleep is essential to looking and feeling your best. Without enough sleep, you’re more likely to be stressed which can contribute to wrinkles and weight gain. Skipping sleep can also leave you with dark circles and bags under your eyes. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night to keep your whole body healthy and look your best.

To learn more about looking your best, schedule a consultation at The Cleft & Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center.

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