Is your Child Facing Surgery? Let’s Look at How you may Manage Recovery!

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acial Cosmetic Surgery All of the procedures performed by Dr. James are tailored to the individual in order to achieve optimal results. There is more to the process, though, than surgical performance. We are also concerned with the various other aspects of the transformation of a patient’s facial structure. If your child is in need of reconstructive surgery for a cleft palate or other condition, know that our team is here for you from pre-op to recovery, working hard to ensure ultimate safety and peace of mind. Keeping our little patients as comfortable as possible means reducing stress on the family unit, and we like the sound of that.

Steps to a Comfortable Recovery for the Pediatric Patient
Every patient who undergoes surgery will have unique post-surgery instructions. These are provided to you prior to the day of surgery, and discussed to ensure no questions linger. Beyond specific aftercare details, such as monitoring temperature and managing pain, you may also want to:

  • Offer items of comfort to your child, such as a blanket or pillow, or a favorite toy. It is beneficial to think of all senses. Some children may find the scent of essential oils calming, or the sounds of music relaxing.
  • It can seem difficult to find the balance between physical touch and not disrupting the surgical site. However, holding your child frequently after his or her surgery is likely the best way to reinstate a feeling of security and comfort.
  • If your child can communicate with you, encourage discussion of feelings. This can facilitate optimal pain management.
    Food and Beverages after Surgery

One of the biggest questions a parent may have of their child’s surgery is how he or she will eat and drink following the procedure. Clearly, this is most relevant to facial procedures. Before the day of surgery, we will discuss how your foods will be reintroduced. Know that your child will not go hungry even if a liquid diet is prescribed for the first few days after surgery. Medical diets contain all essential nutrients that promote healing and health.

Families in the Metairie area can find peace in the dedication of our experienced team. For information regarding pediatric medical treatments, call (504) 378-2030.

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