Understanding The Basics of Cleft Lip And Palate Repair

Cleft Lip In the U.S., about 1 in every 1,600 babies is born with cleft lip with cleft palate, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Additionally, about 1 in every 2,800 babies is born with cleft lip without cleft palate.

That puts cleft lip and cleft palate among the most common birth defects. These orofacial clefts occur when there is an opening in the lip and/or roof of the mouth (palate) due to incomplete development during fetal development.

Thankfully, advanced cosmetic plastic surgery techniques can now restore normality and basic mouth functions for those with this condition.

Solutions For Cleft Lip And Palate

Cleft lip repair surgery is typically performed in the first few months of life, ideally within the first year.

For cleft palate repair, it’s recommended to conduct the operation within a child’s first 18 months. In general, early intervention is key for achieving optimal results for children with cleft lip or palate. In addition, other dental/orthodontic work and speech therapy could be part of the long-term treatment plan.

Benefits of Surgery

The benefits of cleft lip and palate repair surgery go beyond simply improving a child’s facial appearance.

The operation can also fix issues related to breathing, hearing, speech and language development. Experienced surgeons at The Cleft and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center can help create a schedule for the surgery and follow-up care based on individual circumstances.

Details of Surgery

Surgery for cleft lip may involve just one or two procedures, depending on the severity of the condition. The first surgery is typically performed by the time the child is three months old.

In the case of cleft palate, multiple surgeries are usually required throughout the child’s first 18 years. The initial surgery, which aims to create a functional palate for proper teeth and facial bone development, is typically performed between six and 12 months of age.

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If your child requires cleft lip and palate repair, it’s crucial that you consult with a qualified surgeon or specialist. Here at The Cleft and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center, we offer empathy and guidance as we create a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your child’s needs.

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