Reasons why Cosmetic Procedures are a New Trend for Professionals

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Cosmetic ProceduresWe all like to feel good about how we look, and there comes a time at which this can become somewhat of a challenge for a lot of us.  If and when eyebrows start to fall below the bony ridge above the eye, the skin on the upper eyelid subsequently looks thicker or heavier. Under eye, bags may seem to become more pronounced by the day. For some, it feels like their face is crying out “Help! I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”

What do these concerns have to do with you and your professional life? If you notice lines and bags and sags and flatness, this has a lot to do with much of your life, but especially your career.

Recent studies have indicated a rise in cosmetic procedures for professional reasons. Sure, men and women to visit our New Orleans area Cleft & Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center for rejuvenating treatments do so because they want to feel better about their appearance. Many of them, though, also know that their renewed facial aesthetic will boost them on that corporate ladder.

Here’s how . . .

  1. More confidence. Confidence is key, and it is also sneaky. What can happen when there is a perceived flaw, such as a perpetual scowl, is that you get used to your daily level of confidence. In some cases, the flaw causes subconscious “hiding.” For instance, a person who has stained teeth and doesn’t like this may place a hand over her mouth when she smiles or laughs. This portrays a clear lack of confidence, and that can shake a newly budding career.
  2. Greater potential. It isn’t that looking good means you have more potential. But it can mean that you have more potential to get that job you’re shooting for. This idea has been verified in studies in which employers directly cop to leaning towards job applicants who are inherently more attractive than others. Sexism? No. It’s natural human tendency, seen even in babies, to be drawn to beauty.
  3. More edge. A concern expressed by many middle-aged adults is that they will lose out on important promotions or involvement in projects due to the influx of “new blood” in their workplace. Younger colleagues may be perceived as more driven, just because of their natural energy. Cosmetic treatments are common among men and women who want to remind their colleagues, and themselves, that they’ve still got what it takes.

We love helping our patients find the best path toward their best look. Call (504) 378-2030 for more information on our surgical and non-surgical facial treatments or contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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