The Lips Have It At Every Age

The lips are the frame to your smile. This facial feature is so relevant that it will take center stage no matter how much you bat your eyelashes. In our clinical experience, we see a wide range of reasons for lip enhancement, though the ultimate benefit that a patient enjoys tends to boil down to one thing: improved confidence. Here, we look at some of the ways that your lips can look beautiful at any age.


If you are in your twenties, you are still in the time of life in which you can enjoy ample amounts of collagen. However, if your lips are thin or asymmetrical, your overall appearance may not be as voluptuous or friendly as you would like. Using a dermal filler like Restylane or Juvederm, your experienced injector can add fullness and definition that were not given to you by Mother Nature.


It is during our thirties when most of us start to notice the finite evidence of collagen loss. We begin to lose this skin-firming substance in our twenties, but do not see the effects until a decade or so later. The loss of collagen occurs with age and may be exacerbated by sun exposure. Whatever the mitigating factors, the breakdown of healthy collagen strands can pave the way for fine lines around the mouth. Minor enhancement with dermal fillers can keep the lips looking youthful in the face of collagen loss.

Forty- and Fifty-somethings

Men and women in their forties and beyond seem to be in the midst of chronic biological change. From day to day, the skin and hair get dryer and thinner. Laugh and smile lines become more noticeable, some to the point of appearing etched in the skin. Lip shape may also start to morph due to the loss of midface volume. The pull of gravity will no longer be denied. Dermal fillers make it possible to turn that frown upside down! In some cases, Botox is used as an adjunct to facilitate an upward turn at the corners of the mouth.

With age, we come face to face with a few changes we may not appreciate. At The Cleft & Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center, we provide patients from Metairie and surrounding areas with the treatments they need to feel their best. Call (504) 378-2030 for your visit.

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