Lip Fillers are all the Rage. Here’s what you need to Know.

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lip fillersLike fashion and hairstyles, there are also trends that occur in cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments. In addition to smaller booties and larger booties, an interesting trend that is hot this year is to enhance the fullness and shape of the mouth with lip fillers.

Lip augmentation is nothing new. We have long admired lips like Angelina Jolie’s. It wasn’t until recently, however, that Google began blowing up with the search term “lip fillers.” This increase in interest hit shortly after Kylie Jenner, the famous half-sister to the Kardashian Clan, was seen sporting a beautiful new pair of lips. It only took the young star a week or two to admit her new pout was the work of her trusted plastic surgeon, and a session with dermal fillers. Since then, lip augmentation has become a near-daily request; but that doesn’t mean everyone should hop on that bandwagon.

Lip Plumping Looks Different on Every Face

Like any cosmetic treatment, the idea behind lip plumping with fillers is to enhance a feature that isn’t quite standing out. Jenner’s Before images are proof that she was, in fact, an excellent candidate for treatment. An upper lip that disappears when you smile barely qualifies as a lip! The strategic use of fillers can make an enormous difference in appearance. Deflation is another problem for which fillers may be suitable. If your lips are already full and voluminous, there really is no reason to add to them. To do so may be risking the “done” look that robs you of your authentic beauty.

Your lips: to Fill or not to Fill

It can be difficult to fight the urge to follow a popular trend, especially with results like Jenner’s in mind. If lip augmentation is something you really want to do, there are some smart ways to go about it:

  • Obtain treatment from an experienced injector who not only feels comfortable performing this treatment, but who has been trained to do so, and can show you pictures of personal work he or she has performed.
  • Be open to recommendations. To be stuck on a particular look could be disastrous. Your experienced injector will be able to identify where to fill in order to bring out the best in your pout.

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