The Benefits of Cranial Vault Reconstruction

Many babies are born with slightly deformed skulls.  If you have noticed that the sutures in your infant’s skull has prematurely fused and hardened it is important to have the skull repaired, in order to allow the brain to grow and expand. If not repaired, craniosynostosis can set in causing your child headaches, nausea and vomiting. The condition can also put added pressure on the brain and cause development issues within the first years of life.

shutterstock_128326664Signs of this condition include an abnormal head shape, facial asymmetry, a very small soft spot, bulging eyes or a wide skull. Surgery is typically required to treat these abnormalities. This surgery is known as cranial vault remodeling and reconstruction. The professionals at the Cleft and Facial Cosmetic Surgery specialize in the treatment of skull abnormalities.

This surgery involves reshaping the bones of the skull to expand the space and allow the brain to grow. This reshaping also relieves any pressure on the brain and creates a more natural look to the skull.

If you believe that your child may need surgical correction of their skull bone abnormalities, contact the Cleft and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center for more information and a consultation today.

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