Why Mom may Love the Gift of Fillers this Mother’s Day

injectible solutions Your mother or significant other has made an enormous investment into your general quality of life. When the time comes to recognize her next month, consider how she may not do for herself all the things she may like. One of the best gift ideas to consider for Mother’s Day, or any other day for that matter, is facial rejuvenation. An easy, painless way to achieve this is with dermal fillers.

Dermal Fillers Explained

Numerous filler products are available today. You may have heard of Botox, which is also an excellent method of reducing lines and wrinkles on the face. Fillers accomplish a similar goal, but through a different mechanism. The products that are injected into creases contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, tiny calcium beads, or even collagen. Upon insertion, their gel consistency lifts the skin to a naturally plump and youthful state.

What Fillers can do

A better question may be “what can’t fillers do?”! Because the various products made today each haveĀ  a unique consistency, dermal fillers can treat a variety of concerns on the face and even the hands. Fillers may be used around the mouth to plump the lips or diminish the small lines that form around them. Certain products have a heavier consistency that makes them ideal for enhancing cheeks that have flattened out over time. Some fillers are even used to minimize the appearance of certain types of scars.

Beautiful, Temporary Results

One of the reasons that injectible solutions are so appealing is because they are naturally metabolized by the body over time. Many people want to see what it’s like to rejuvenate their face, but are apprehensive about a permanent change with facial plastic surgery. Fillers can last from three months to over a year, depending on the product and the body’s own metabolism of it.

Side Effects?

Unlike surgery, which requires the patient to stay out of the limelight for a bit, dermal fillers typically carry no more side effects than slight, temporary redness. Treatment is so mild that it can be performed in the middle of the day, allowing the patient to immediately resume normal activities.

What better gift than beauty? To learn more about dermal fillers in our Metairie office, call (504) 378-2030.

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