Common Thoughts Before Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

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plastic surgeryWhen you look around it may seem as though the majority of people you meet have had some type of plastic surgery procedure. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 15 million cosmetic procedures were performed last year alone. This substantial rise and plastic surgery procedures may give you the impression that undergoing a surgical procedure is easy for everyone. We know this isn’t true, and that there are concerns you may share with millions of other people as you consider making a permanent change to your appearance.

I may not like how I look.

Just thinking about plastic surgery, it is likely that you have an idea of how you think you will look after your procedure. The truth is there is no method that can guarantee an accurate prediction of your results, not even computer imaging. During your consultation for plastic surgery, we will discuss the potential for your desired outcome, but there’s no guarantee that the exact look you imagine will be achieved. What we can tell you after years of practice is that the large majority of patients who undergo cosmetic plastic surgery would choose to do it all over again. This demonstrates a high rate of satisfaction across the board.

I don’t know what people might think of me for having plastic surgery. 

Your reason for having cosmetic plastic surgery is unique to your situation. It is important to approach your face- or body-enhancing procedure with personal goals. The only opinion that matters is yours, and when you are satisfied with the results of your procedure, it won’t matter what anyone else thinks.

I am afraid of the risks of surgery.

The fact of the matter is any form of surgery has risk linked to it. Modern techniques for surgery, as well as anesthesia, mitigate many of these. We perform surgery in a fully-accredited facility staffed with highly trained professionals who know what to do in the event of an unforeseen complication.

Deciding to enhance your face or body with plastic surgery is an important decision. With full disclosure, we are here to help you move forward in the manner that is best for you. Contact us at (504) 378-2030 to schedule your consultation.

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