The Low-down on Lip Injections

Dermal Fillers The lips are a front-and-center kind of feature that can either make you feel great about how you look or make you wish for more. The popularity of lip injections is a testament to our love of full, rounded, upturned lips. If you haven’t jumped on board with this trend, you may be missing out on your greatest aesthetic adventure! Here, we will touch on some of the interesting points of lip augmentation with dermal fillers.

  • Fillers can bring out the best in your face. This is an important point to understand, because it may contradict what you envision for yourself. We meet a lot of patients who know exactly “whose” lips they want to have. You know what we mean. Who doesn’t love the roundness of Ms. B’s lips or the volume of Angelina’s? Here’s the thing, though: your lips, your face. These are the two things that need to fit together for a beautiful look.
  • Injections in your lips? Ouch! Right? Is the idea of lip augmentation with fillers being painful keeping you from loving your look? Don’t let this stop you. First, most of the HA fillers that are commonly used have Lidocaine in them to numb soft tissues as we treat them. Second, just ice down! A brief application of ice before your injections should greatly improve comfort.
  • The results of lip injections are only partially the doing of the hyaluronic acid solution. Most of the beauty that is achieved boils down to good old-fashioned artistic ability. Work with an injector you trust, and you will not be disappointed.
  • Disappointed with your results? We won’t say anything about working with an experienced injector whom you trust (we already did!), but we will say that you don’t have to live with those results. There is an enzyme that dissolved hyaluronic acid. With a few injections of this enzyme, your lips can be returned to a more natural you.
  • Some dermal fillers are made specifically for the delicate tissues around the mouth. Combined with meticulous use, these products plump your mouth without altering the natural feel of your kissable lips.

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