Look Younger with a Brow Lift

A brow lift, commonly called a forehead lift as well, is a unique procedure that can improve the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin on the forehead and upper eyelids. It is not unusual for brow lift surgery to be performed in conjunction with other facial cosmetic services such as a facelift or nose job.

shutterstock_90206206Even young patients may begin to see lines and wrinkles in their forehead before any other area of the face or body. The eyes are also one of the most telling features of the face, so if sagging eyebrows or lids are making you appear old or tired – consider a brow lift today. Drooping or sagging eyelid skin can also lead to vision problems that must be corrected for safety reasons.

There are two main brow lift techniques for your forehead and eyebrow areas.

  • Classic lift: a continuous cut is made beginning around the ears and up through the hairline.
  • Endoscopic lift: smaller and shorter cuts are made into the scalp, using small anchors to secure tissue. A scope is then inserted into one cut another device is inserted into the other cut to make any changes. Endoscopic lifts are considered less invasive than classic lifts and has minimal scarring, including a shorter amount of time needed for recovery.

Most patients choose to go the endoscopic route, but for those patients that have excessive drooping in the brows and forehead usually require the classic lift approach.

Contact our office today to learn which method of brow lift is right for you.

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