Defend Against Surgical Scars

Cosmetic surgery is serious business. One of the most common and justified fears of cosmetic surgery patients is the concern that their expectations will not be met or that their surgical scars will remain visible. Scarring is a possibility with any surgical procedure no matter how skilled your surgeon. It is important to understand this before agreeing to a procedure.

shutterstock_185138036However, by providing your complete health history to your surgeon and being completely honest about your lifestyle and habits you can greatly reduce your chances for an adverse outcome. Additionally, by understanding your goals your surgeon may be able to recommend an alternative treatment with fewer risks or smaller incisions.

Unfortunately, the most common reasons that patients experience excessive surgical scarring are unavoidable. Conditions such as age, race and heredity all impact your scarring capacity. Additionally, large or deep incisions are more likely to scar than smaller incisions.

Finally, it is important to stop all tobacco use, including smoking prior to undergoing any surgical procedure. The nicotine found in these products restricts the flow of blood to your incision site and can actually cause your surgical incision to blacken or even die.

By understanding your risk factors you can greatly improve your defense against surgical scars. Contact our office to discuss your options today.

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